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Episode 5 (3/21/15): All About AA


Episode Description

Wherein we discuss our thoughts on the impending American and US Airways merger, make predictions on how it will affect consumers, have spirited debates about…various, discuss our dream trips, and see how many cans of beer Trevor can open on air in one podcast. Recorded 20 Mar, 2015.

Episode Notes

We open the episode making some predictions about the Freddie Awards before launching into a prolonged discussion about the AA/US merger – all predictions wrong or your money back. We tackle a reader question about our dream trip and touch upon our thoughts on DOs/conferences and our favorite (or least favorite) airports in The Last Word.

Here’s the link to AA’s bonus miles promotion.


Still can’t believe I blew the Miller Lite reference, that was embarrassing. According to View from the Wing, the fare ware did indeed not cover Charlotte (or New York) – it’s also over. Also, according to the forum, Singapore’s airport is pronounced “Chung-yee”. Ish.

Music: “She” by Pluto


  1. Paul Paul
    March 27, 2015    

    I’m on mobile and can’t find the podcast link for this episode. But can see it for other episodes…

    • Joe Joe
      March 27, 2015    

      On a podcatcher like iTunes our website?

      • Paul Paul
        March 27, 2015    


        • Joe Joe
          March 27, 2015    

          I’ll get right to it when I get home sorry about that thanks for the heads up

          • Joe Joe
            March 27, 2015    

            Should be fixed now, let me know. Thanks and sorry!

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