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Episode 4 (3/10/15): Reflecting on the State of MS

Manufactured spending according to Kenny's son (image from Miles4More)

Manufactured spending according to Kenny’s son (image from Miles4More)

Episode Description

Wherein we discuss our thoughts on the current state of the MS game (discretely, we hope), reflect a bit on family travel, and meet some new friends. Featuring special guests Nick from PFDigest, Kenny from Miles4More, and Shawn from Miles to Memories. Recorded 7 Mar, 2015.

Episode Notes

Another podcast recorded at FT4RL2, though this one in our normal format. With Trevor and Joe out, I’m joined by Nick from PFDigest, Kenny from Miles4More, and Shawn from Miles to Memories. We discussed our thoughts on the current state of MS, the role we hope the travel and blog community can play in regards to MS, and give some advice to those breaking into the game. We also touch upon some of our thoughts about travel and MS as it relates to being family men. Special thanks to our guests – it was a real pleasure and many of the things they said definitely made an impression on me – it’s well worth a listen.


Sorry, Joe Cortez, for pronouncing Q-A-T-A-R wrong again. I edited out anything that would be close to outing a deal, so at times things might seem a bit choppy. Also, still getting used to live recording, though this one is much cleaner than FT4RL supersized due to the smaller nature (it was also recorded first, chronologically, for the record).

Music: “She” by Pluto


  1. Kumar Kumar
    March 11, 2015    

    Well handled podcast. At first i was a bit skeptical if any deals would be discussed but then my trust on Saverocity folks didn’t go wrong. Kudos for continuing to set high standards while dealing with MS and other stuff as well. And, i nailed the answers from Kenny and Nick on what they miss most 😉

    • Joe Joe
      March 11, 2015    

      Thanks Kumar, glad you enjoyed it. And it is reaffirming to hear you didn’t think we killed anything – I was trying to be very cognizant about that and even edited some stuff out. Let us know if there are any topics you’re interested in hearing about!

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