Episode Description

Wherein we record during the Family Travel For Real Life conference’s after party and discuss family travel. Featuring @thedealmommy, @frugaltravellaw, @tripswithtykes, @steelestreet, @KennyBSAT, @milestomemories, and many more! Recorded 7 Mar, 2015. (Special Feature)

Episode Notes

This past weekend the second Family Travel For Real Life conference, hosted by the Deal Mommy, took place in Charlotte, NC. After the conference and the after conference dinner were over, we took the after party to a mega-suite in the Hyatt House Center City Charlotte.

What do you get when you put sixteen miles and points enthusiasts together? You get this podcast! We discussed our takeaways from the conference, the challenges of traveling with children, and our thoughts on why traveling with our families is rewarding and essential.

With wine flowing and a ton of people, we had a ton of fun, got a little inappropriate at times, and had a great conversation about family travel.

While a little different from our regular podcasts, there’s a lot of great ideas from a lot of great people in here. Hope you like it.

Thanks to Tom, Eric, Leslie of Trips with Tykes, Kirsten of the American Travel Project, Bill, Chasing the Points, Dia of the Deal Mommy, Shawn of MilestoMemories, Bret, Cheryl, Nancy, Bonnie the Frugal Travel Lawyer, the ubiquitous Jason Steele, Kenny of Miles4More, and Dan of Points with a Crew.

And if you missed the conference, you can check out all the live recaps from Points with a Crew here.

Episode Corrections

It’s tough to record sixteen people off one microphone, even an omni-directional one. It’s even tougher to edit the recording when you have air conditioners to deal with and you gave your producer the weekend off. So apologies for the spotty at times audio!