Episode Description

Wherein we discuss Trevor’s crazy turn, the widening divide between Gulf and US carriers, the DOT’s United Mistake Fare ruling, and some TV finales. Also, Trevor apparently still has a landline. Recorded 25 Feb, 2015.

Episode Notes

In this episode we tackle our lengthiest topic yet – the widening gulf (pun intended!) between the US Legacy Carriers (American, Delta, United) and the increasingly powerful Middle East Big 3 (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar). Joe Cortez and Trevor dropped some knowledge while I just tagged along for the ride. We also give some updates on Trevor and Joe Cheung’s trips last week, touch on the DOT’s mistake fare ruling, and listen to Joe Cortez eulogize our very much alive and well friend and blogger Chasing the Points. The Tagging Miles guys also are Nascar fans, apparently.

Here are some links to some stuff we touched upon in the podcast you might find interesting.

Want to buy some snow?

This is the Reuters report Joe Cortez was referencing when discussing a 55 page paper US Airlines have sent to the government.

Trevor’s scary Emirates shower experience here.


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