Episode Description

Wherein we discuss feet and feet of snow, the United Mistake fare, flying Southwest, and…Atlanta? Fung Wah 4life.

Episode Notes

In this episode we discuss the United mistake fare and our take on all the hubbub this past week. We also answer a reader question about Southwest and teach Trevor and Joe Cortez a little bit about the Fung Wah bus company. 60% of Greyhound’s market share between 1997 and 2007! Stay tuned for Joe Cortez’s next post about whether riding Fung Wah was better than Greyhound. Also, you can still get your tix to FT4RL2 I think!


Fung Wah apparently never served the D.C. area. Also, @50States50Years is Keer-sten, not Kur-sten. Sorry!

Music: “She” by Still Pluto