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Episode 1 (2/7/15): Pilot


Episode Notes

Wherein we discuss how Trevor and Joe met, disappearing award charts, why Joe Cortez is loyal to no one, and how to get some free pajamas!

Music: “She” by Still Pluto


  1. Jamie Jamie
    May 1, 2015    

    🙂 Ok, i’ve gotta express my displeasure here… I thought those of us who commented on the page from the very first episode were getting some free pajamas. I actually listened to the episode right after it was posted and I wrote a comment about wanting some pajamas. and you know what I’ve heard… crickets. what’s up with the jammies? 🙂

  2. JX JX
    March 30, 2016    

    I would like to have an unworn pajama as well.:-)

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