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Episode 58 – Discussing hosted media previews and bias with Leslie Harvey

Episode Description

Trevor AND Joe Cortez (yay!) are off gallavanting, so I called up Leslie Harvey from Trips with Tykes to discuss hosted media previews and bias in blogging/media coverage. Both of us have experience in this area as it results to Disney, but we also discuss how it may or may not creep into the miles and points space. Speaking of media previews, Leslie just checked out Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout in Disneyland and I visited Pandora the World of Avatar at Disney World, so we end the podcast with some Disney discussion! Recorded 16 Jun, 2017.

Episode Notes

Leslie’s post on hosted trips, media previews, and truth in travel blogging.

3:42 – Leslie’s background/travel hacking/blog background

6:28 – How does Leslie save money for her family’s travels?

9:24 – History of #sponsored rules by the FTC and thoughts on influencers

16:40 – Do influencers still affect us even if we see the #sponsored?

18:02 – Similarity between influencers and miles/points world. Do some people still not disclose properly?

22:27 – Do bloggers get the hardest rap for taking endorsements? Do we worry about how readers perceive hosted trips? How do you keep from being too biased?

32:24 – How can consumers find bloggers influencers they trust?

35:59 – Begin Disney discussion! How do we remain objective about Disney – what do Disney media events look like?

42:50 – Leslie’s thoughts when gotg announced

45:17 – Description of Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout ride (mile spoilers)

51:50 – How long would you wait in line for Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout?

54:40 – Joe’s feelings when Pandora was announced

57:33 – Weak spots in Pandora

1:00:57 – How will Pandora be for young families, including food?

1:07:00 – What Pandora tells us about the future of Star Wars Land

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Music: “She” by Still Pluto

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