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Episode 57 – A New Game Appears!

Episode Description

We borrow a game from one of Joe Cheung’s favorite podcasts. What would we get rid of, keep, or ask for more of in the following areas: travel credit card benefits, transferable point currency partners, and airline security. We had a blast and hope you do too! Recorded 1 Jun, 2017.

Episode Notes

First things first, Michael from Free Travel Guys has gotten his Global Entry reinstated. Huzzah for common sense prevailing! But you can check out how he got it revoked here and how he got it back here. Basically he was carrying some medications in a bottle that said they were expired, and they came down pretty hard on him. Yada yada yada, no global entry. Then after the post went viral they called back and reinstated. Bottom line, be careful how you pack your meds.

We borrowed a game from one of my favorite Disney podcasts, Mighty Men of Mouse. The game is called “Get rid of it, keep it, more of it.” Basically, we take a topic and then discuss something re: that topic that we want to get rid of, something we want to keep as is, and something we’d like to see more of.

We tackle travel credit card benefits, transferable point currency partners, and airport security policies.

In terms of travel credit card benefits, AMEX got a lot of discussion – and not really in a good way! They got some love returned to them for point currencies, but not much. There was a lot of great discussion about airport security – we really just want to be safe without all of the theater. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or hit me up on Twitter.

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Music: “She” by Still Pluto

0:00 – Cortez Delta rant
3:50 – Description of get rid of it, keep it, more of it

5:57 – Travel credit card benefits, get rid of it!

12:37 – Travel credit card benefits, keep it!

17:29 – Travel credit card benefits, more of it!

21:45 – Transferable point currency partners, get rid of it!

25:52 – Transferable point currency partners, keep it!

28:26 – Transferable point currency partners, more of it!

30:35 – Airport security policies, get rid of it!

38:41 – Airport security policies, keep it!

43:29 – Airport security policies, more of it!

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