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Episode 55 – Dealing with frustrating customer service

Episode Description

Trevor and the Joes tackle our brave new world of social media, where every negative interaction on an airplane or otherwise gets filmed. Is this a good or a bad thing? When do you cut airline employees some slack? And how do you deal with the bad ones? Plus, some ranting about the “not a cell phone” ban. Recorded 13 May, 2017.

Episode Notes

With the advent of social media, it seems like almost everything gets filmed these days. We’re getting more and more videos of customer service representatives behaving badly. We tackle whether this is a good or bad thing and try to not get TOO crazy about making remarks about society overall, but we ARE blow hards so we only have mild success (4:35). (Check out Trevor’s thoughts on how social media is changing the travel landscape).

We then discuss how we should generally view customer service representatives. When do you give them the benefit of the doubt? What kind of behaviors are completely unacceptable? (17:19)

Finally, we close out our main topic trying to figure out how to deal with bad customer service. We discuss ways to get the customer service rep on your side and remind each other not to be jerks. It’s hard! (24:11)

The show ends with a couple of rants on the electronics ban. Spoiler alert: we are not fans. (36:58)

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Music: “She” by Still Pluto

4:35 – intro to topic

6:50 – social media

17:19 – when to cut slack?

24:11 – how to deal with bad CSRs

36:58 e ban

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  1. May 17, 2017    

    Very enjoyable episode gentlemen.

    Regarding the issue of citizen journalism and customer service, part of me wonders if there is not a small segment of ‘fame-seekers’ out there who are just trigger happy (or record-button-happy) and looking to get their 5-minutes of fame, maybe to the extent of escalating a customer service incident that doesn’t need to be escalated. I mean I know the higher profile cases of late were definite issues with regard to CS, but do you think that some passengers are just itching for a fight (in the hopes of fame or bullying their way to an upgrade or points or something)?

    My most recent case of CS that I wasn’t too happy with, occurred last year on a flight with my family from HKG to PBI with a change-over in DFW. Perhaps too lengthy to go on about here, but in the aftermath, when I was dealing with an airline CS rep who was being less than helpful I just did an audio recording (with my phone) of the encounter. This was just in the event that I would need it for later reference (which I did not). I was never upset with the rep (who was just parroting airline policy) but I was very frustrated at the policy and by proxy, the airline itself.

    On the not-a-cell-phone ban, is the next step an all out electronics ban (including cell phones)? Because my iPhone can pretty much do everything that my iPad can do (in fact it can do more since it can make cellular calls and the iPad cannot). So it can’t really be that they are scared of people doing some remote-app thing, unless they are gonna go after phones too. Is it because of the size of the devices (i.e. can fit more stuff inside one)? Then where is the cut-off? I mean aren’t some of the Samsung Galaxy line of phones huge, with screens as big (if not bigger) than small kindles or iPad minis?

    Also, why not flights from Asia? There are groups with ties to terrorism throughout parts of Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, etc.). And there you are looking at an even longer time being deprived of your device (8-16 hours). I’ve read comments on other travel-blogs where some are trying to defend the ban saying that opponents don’t have all the information or don’t know what Homeland Security knows, etc.

    Looking forward to the next episode. 🙂

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